9 Medical Causes of a Slow Metabolism


Following are the hidden benefits of weight gain and lethargic feeling most of us often feel. And the reasons will literally surprise you.

1. You have too much cortisol

Metabolism means the conversion of calories into energy so when we say we have a slower metabolism, this means our body is slower in converting calories into energy and more calories are getting stored in our body that causes unwanted weight gain. But do we know why this happens? For few people this could be due to increased level of ‘cortisol’, which is a stress hormone found in our body.

A balanced amount of this hormone aids in the fat burning process but only if this is working properly with other bodily chemicals. But if the levels of cortisol is high in your body, due to being stressed or tensed for longer, or being under pressure, your body will assume that you need more energy and this will result in a slower metabolism. This can also happen due to ‘Cushing’s syndrome’, which is a disorder of adrenal glands and this releases lots of stress hormones i.e. cortisol, in your blood flow.

Blood Cortisol Levels

2. Your insulin levels are too high

Insulin, diabetes and weight, are the most interlinked yet complicated things in the human body. If you are overweight, you will be more likely to have type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes is a major cause of weight gain or problems in weight loss.

Insulin in the body helps to use glucose as energy but if you have insulin resistance than the concerned cells in the body find it hard to absorb glucose and this results in high sugar levels in the blood. This will result in, energy fully stocked in your body that causes slower metabolism. And if you aren’t type 2 diabetic then there are some other factors like tension and stress that also raises insulin levels in the body.

According to the research conducted in Ohio State University department, the women who were asked to eat high-calorie diet for few days are more likely to have stress and increased levels of insulins. In addition to that they also burned lesser weight and gained 11 pounds a year. This means high calories causes stress and stress and more calories causes’ weight gain.

Lower Insulin Levels


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