9 Surprising Foods That Fight Pain


We all suffer from occasional bouts of headaches, joint aches, and sore muscles. Most people don’t know that these agonizing symptoms can be easily cured with a little help from nature. Several foods, such as beans, coffee and ginger, can exhibit the same effective pain relief experienced after consuming ibuprofen.

Even though these natural foods can help us cure mild and minor aches without any added chemicals or compounds, we always find it easier to pop a pill. Eating the right foods not only aids in eliminating the pain and the underlying cause that is the real culprit, but more importantly, it prevents these symptoms from emerging in the first place.

What you eat could make you feel better. This article lists 9 best foods that can help lessen inflammation and ease your aches. #arthritisdiet #painrelief
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There are countless foods that have been scientifically proven beneficial to relieve aches and body pains. We’ve picked out 9 amazing foods that can help cure some of the most common aches that we all suffer.

Here, take a look:

1. Achy Joints

Food Rx: Cherries, turmeric

Research reveals that consuming at least 2 tart cherries a day is all takes to cut down pain, for tart cherries have the same effect as ibuprofen. Besides, it is a delicious treat that can enhance the flavour of your salads, oatmeal and smoothies.

A recent study attempted to study the effects of cherry consumption amongst arthritis patients. The results revealed that consuming no more than 45 cherries a day aids in bringing about a marked reduction in C-reactive protein, which cuts down arthritis-induced inflammation by 25%.

Similarly, turmeric also aids in reducing pain with the same effectiveness of ibuprofen due to its powerful concentration of curcumin, which is extremely beneficial for patients suffering with knee osteoarthritis.

Fiber In Cherries



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