9 Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Liver


Your liver is an integral organ of your body, and when its stop functioning properly, it can disrupt several other organs in your body. A healthy liver is essential for a fit, wholesome and healthy life, and for that, you need to watch out for any suspicious signs of mal-activity within your body, along with taking adequate preventive measures.

There are certain habits, foods and activities that harm the liver, and if we continue these practices, they can seriously damage our liver and invite countless infection or allergies.

Treatment for Psoriasis of the Liver

Let’s take a look at all these surprisingly common, and supposedly healthy habits that can actually damage your liver quite gravely:

1. Herb Supplements

The label will always say 100% pure and organic, but that shouldn’t be evidence enough. There are certain herbs that can heal certain symptoms, but cause certain other symptoms to emerge. For example, kava kava is an herb that relieves the symptoms of menopause, but at the same time, it also messes up with the functions of the liver. Its effects are so adverse that they can cause liver failure and hepatitis.

There are several states and countries that have banned the trade of this herb, however, unfortunately it can be obtained in America. Not just this particular herb, but for every herb you take, be sure to consult your doctor and discuss its merits and safety.

Pills for Liver Damage


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