9 Best Carbohydrates for Diabetes


8. Papaya

Carbs: 16 grams per cup
Calories: 60

Benefit of Papaya on Diabetes
Image: Tasty Yummies

This tropical delight is loaded with a wide array of nutrients, including fiber, carbs, potassium and a rich concentration of water. It facilitates easy digestion, and prevents the risk factors of constipation. Thanks to its rich potassium density, papaya is excellent to supplement the health of the heart, and regular blood sugar levels.

One cup of papaya packs up only 60 calories, and a whopping 16 grams of carbs. It can be devoured fruit salads, smoothies and standalone snacks. However, if you have a kidney disease or complication, be sure to consult your doctor first as high-potassium foods can cause health complications.

9. Whole-Grain Pasta

Carbs: 30-50 grams per 1-cup serving (depending on type)
Calories: About 200

Is veggie pasta good for diabetics
Image: Health Insider

If you adore eating pasta, it can be immensely hard to bid goodbye to this rewarding gastronomic experience. However, eating pasta can also lead to a wide array of health complications for diabetic patients.

Here’s a solution: switch to whole grain pasta and enjoy your favorite meal with richer concentrations of protein and fiber. 1 cup serving of whole grain pasta packs up around 30-50 grams of carbs, depending on the exact type of grain, and around 200 calories. Be sure to examine the nutrition label and pick out whole grain pasta that have at least 3 or more grams of dietary fiber.

You can also explore pasta varieties made with bean flour, as they have rich concentrations of protein that help prevent blood sugar spikes. You can enjoy whole wheat pasta with rich tomato sauces, mixed vegetables and lean meat for a healthy treat.

These nine superfoods are rich sources of healthy carbs and other nutrients that will help you fight off the symptoms of diabetes and control blood sugar levels. The best part is, you can incorporate these nutrient-rich ingredients in a wide array of delicious treats and recipes. Eating healthy and mindfully doesn’t always have to be boring!


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