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Genetically Modified Foods Cause Cancer

15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday

Let me tell you that most of the foods which are too hard to resist are not so good for your health. They are prepared artificially from flavors to colors and textures. Plus the packaging also risks the lives...
Bugs Experience Sensitivity

Bugs Experience Sensitivity Related to Pain, Research Found

According to many people across the world, the bugs and insects are immune to pain they experience after being hit. This process is not known to every person in the world as many people think that the bugs do...
Eyesight Clinic

The 9 Most Important Vitamins for Eye Health

After the human brain, the eyes are the most complex organ within the body, and in order to maintain their perfect health and optimal functioning, you need to ply them with a regular supply of various vitamins and essential...

Liver disease deaths spike among young Americans

A recent study has revealed alarmingly scary results that more and more people across America, particularly youngsters, are dying due to ailments associated with liver cirrhosis. This ground-breaking new study was published in the BMJ earlier last month, and...
Kidney Stone Water Treatment

9 Signs of Kidney Stones You Shouldn’t Ignore

Kidney stones are one of the most painful ailments known to mankind, and we sincerely hope that you would never have to deal with such a disease, however, having said that, it is still essential to understand the signs...

7 Worst Foods For Your Brain

The brain is the most essential organ within the body, it not only controls the heart, the breathing function of the lungs, but in fact, it controls each and every system and function of the human body. Therefore, it...
About Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

14 Conditions That Are Hard to Diagnose

The diagnosis of certain health conditions is not as straight forward as we might expect them to be. This can be due to multiple reasons. In some cases the symptoms for the conditions show up very late, in others...
Ripe Banana and Diabetes

9 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes

If you’re a healthy individual who doesn’t suffer from the symptoms of diabetes, chugging down a store-bought brownie or a large can of soda may not be such a frightening cause for concern. Eating these seductive treats will only...
Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine

10 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Statistics reveal that pancreatic cancer has the greatest death rates as compared to all other types of cancers. Our pancreas are indeed the most understated organs within the body, organs that we don’t pay much attention to or care...
Overlapping Teeth - Make Yellow Teeth White

6 Everyday Mistakes That Are Yellowing Your Teeth

Have your teeth started to turn excessively yellow? So yellow that you have started comparing your not-so-pearly-whites with the clean and white teeth of your friends and others? Perhaps, your teeth have started to turn a bit yellower than...

17 Best and Worst Summer Foods for Weight Loss

If you want to shed some of those unwanted pounds and create a healthy, nutrient-rich summer diet regime, you need to make a series...
Healthiest Beans for Weight Loss

13 Comfort Foods That Burn Fat