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Gastrointestinal Acid Reflux

13 Foods That Fight Acid Reflux

You can easily fight off and prevent the symptoms of acid reflux with the help of superfoods and essential nutrients. You won’t even have to take any prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs to treat the awful burning sensations that...
Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

8 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

There are countless meats, vegetables and fruits that hold the ability to naturally reduce blood pressure levels and prevent the symptoms of hypertension. Most doctors recommend their patients to adopt healthy eating patterns, and avoid all kinds of processed,...
Diarrhea - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

9 Foods That Could Be Giving You Diarrhea

Every one of us might have experienced diarrhea at any stage in life. The key reason behind diarrhea is bacteria or virus but some foods can also cause this illness. It is important to know about all these foods so...
How Can One Satisfy a Craving for Chocolate

Eat These 5 Food to Ease Your PMS Symptoms

Getting rid of the painful PMS symptoms with these nutrient rich food items! PMS can cause a great deal of physical and emotional ailments on a woman’s body, and these symptoms commonly include sudden cravings, mood swings, bloating, acne and...
Calories in Pea Pods

23 Best Foods for Fiber

Fiber is a potently powerful ingredient that cuts down excessive fat, promotes weight loss, soothes the digestive system, reduces blood sugar levels, and cuts down the risk factors contributing to chronic ailments, such as haemorrhoids and colon cancer. It’s...
FDA Approves First Immunotherapy Drug for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer #breastcancer #cancertreatment

New Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer’s Patients

For the first time trials are shown of the immunotherapy, a hope for those who have breast cancer, this therapy will help them to live longer e ven if they have an aggressive type of it. A research which...
Cure poison ivy

11 Surprising Uses for Vodka

Aside from its popularity among the Russian army and binge partying scene all over the globe, vodka has been hailed for its countless other benefits for over centuries. It is a powerful disinfectant, super effective pain reliever, and a...
How to Increase Immune System Naturally

Top 3 Superfoods for a Healthy Immune System

We live in a fast world, where we have no time for ourselves. Working all day, crowded parties at night, frequent traveling and 24/7 stress, everything is a prime reason to pick up a bug. During all these we...
Whiten Teeth Naturally and Safely

4 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Who doesn’t want to own a set of beautiful pearly whites? Well, it’s really not that difficult, all you have to do is cut down smoking, your consumption of coffee, particularly black, along with limiting your intake of red...
Overlapping Teeth - Make Yellow Teeth White

6 Everyday Mistakes That Are Yellowing Your Teeth

Have your teeth started to turn excessively yellow? So yellow that you have started comparing your not-so-pearly-whites with the clean and white teeth of your friends and others? Perhaps, your teeth have started to turn a bit yellower than...

10 Detox Juice Recipes for Fast Weight Loss

In the present era when everybody seems to be busy in daily routine, the detox juice is simple and easiest way of attaining the...