Coronavirus information: What should I do?


As you know, the whole world is going through a very critical time because of the discovery of this new pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID -19). This virus has been transmitted from animals to humans and the major problem is that we have no specific drug or vaccine for its treatment. This spherical spiked shaped virus is highly contagious as it spreads through droplets of your mouth or discharge from your nose. Another major problem is the symptoms of this virus are almost like common flu which is fever, cough, and dizziness and in severe cases symptoms like diarrhea, breathing difficulties have been recorded.

World Health Organization (WHO) has told some basic ways to protect you. These basic habits can help you to remain a healthy human being.

Coronavirus: What you need to do

How can I help to slow the spread of the virus?

Coronavirus: Leave social contact [Infographic]

Coronavirus: Exercise once a day [Infographic]

Stop travelling during coronavirus pandemic [Infographic]

Avoid public gathering during coronavirus outbreak [Infographic]

Avoid social gathering during corona pandemic [Infographic]

How can help slow down virus [Infographic]

Isolate if coronavirus symptoms appear [Infographic]

Keep in touch during coronavirus pandemic [Infographic]

How can I try to stay well?

Wash hands 20 seconds with sanitizer gel [Infographic]

Use tissue for coughs and sneezes [Infographic]

Use sleeves if tissue not available [Infographic]

Avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose [Infographic]

What are the symptoms of coronavirus – and what should you do if you feel unwell?

What should I do if I feel unwell [Infographic]

Stay away from others [Infographic]

Seek medical advice if coronavirus symptoms get worse [Infographic]

Online help for coronavirus treatment [Infographic]

Coronavirus test at hospital [Infographic]

Stay home, stay safe!


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