6 Health Benefits To Calm A Fussy Baby Using Foot Reflexology Massage Techniques


Reflexology is a zone therapy that is the alternative of medication. This involves applying certain pressure points with a specific finger, hand, and thumb to fix and relieve the pain in the body. Fussy babies are given this treatment all over the world to give them a relaxing effect. The practitioner must be familiar with the specific points located within the body to alleviate the pain.

For newly born babies, this art is so useful in the replacement of medication as it seems to be familiarized with the world. Children are so unable to express their pain and relief regarding this pain, so this is the easiest therapy to do. Relax your baby by giving him a warm bath or foot rubbing before starting this massage to make the proper blood flow.

Certain body points are focused on these messages that are strictly linked to different pains and are so helpful towards the relieving process. #reflexologymassage #reflexologyfootchart
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Babies are so unable to describe their pain, these are the non-lingual therapies to do for growing age. This helps them relieve stress and pain. These kinds of non-medicinal treatments should be given to the baby for providing a much relaxant way of growth otherwise this may get severe and be a cause of some more problems. Certain body points are focused on these messages that are strictly linked to different pains and are so helpful towards the relieving process.

1. Headaches and Toothaches

Head and toothaches are the commonest kinds of pains experienced in babies normally. When the baby is having the coming out of teeth, it is so painful for him by experiencing the headaches and some pains like these.

To overcome this issue, the message is the best thing to do and toe message is the solution to it. The message is so feasible as you are not bound to do it when they are awake, you can also go for it when they are sleeping to promote the blood flow.

2. Sinus Pain

Sinus pain is so common but ignored by the adults. This infection gives rise to the annoyance from everything like work, official activities and other errands as well. This is very common in adults but least found in babies but when it is arising in babies, this is so excruciating.

Babies are so sensitive towards thins kind of pain as it gets over their nerves. To get rid of this pain in case of babies, just message the baby’s toe undersides. Applying pressure to certain body points can relieve pain from the body.

3. Chest Pain

chest pain is so severe to experience, it causes the tightness, squeezing, high pressure and crushing pain. Babies having chest congestion will suffer from this pain, alongside chest tightening, coughing with sore throats and improper breathing problems.

To overcome this pain, one must immediately consult a practitioner or a medical professional but the simplest and the instantaneous way of getting rid of this pain is the messaging of feet pads gently by moving the fingertips in small circles thoroughly to relieve pain with congestion.

4. Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is caused by the mild infection of bacteria or virus, intestinal gas or by the mal-nourishment or excessive eating causing the abdominal pain, spasms and breathing problems. This can be overcome by the foot massage.

The therapy involves the message below the pad to relieve the arch that relates to the solar plexus. Solar plexus is the nerve collection site between the stomach and lungs. These are the nerves that cause the pain in the baby so, it is a must to relax these nerves.

5. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain consequences involve constipation, heartburn, and indigestion. Message the middle of the footpads. Bloating is the common thing occurring within the body and causes pain and gas in babies, so the message is the best way. All you must do is the message between the middle of the foot and heel.

6. Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is so severe and common among growing babies. The simple solution is to rub the baby’s heel. This can help reduce pelvic pain. Moreover, it also relaxes the baby by curing constipation and stomachs.


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