How to talk to your kids about mental health and managing stress during the pandemic


Last Thursday was National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and representatives of all countries are advising parents to dialogue to their children about their mental health and managing stress as COVID-19 continues a fear on all of us.

Dr. Geoffrey Hopkins said, “Children are really stressed out and they have talked to me so much about how much they miss school, their classmates and their teachers.”

Dr. Hopkins is the director of the division of psychiatry at St. Joseph’s Health Hospital. He said, “Our training framework has shown signs of improvement throughout the years because we are offering best techniques to manage stress and mental health support, however with virtual education going on two months now, kids are feeling the loss of close bonds with instructors and colleagues”.

Kids Mental Health and Stress Management
Image: SheKnows

Parents should dialogue to their children about their mental health and managing stress during the pandemic. Dr. Hopkins further explained, “Having less motivation to engage in things that would normally bring them happiness and joy… or having increased irritability or anger are signs of emotional distress.”

Extreme unit of worry or unhappiness can also affect children overall performance and attention with remote education system from last two months. Hopkins said, talk freely and friendly with your children to investigate their emotions and certify what they are experiencing is one of the most important things you can do. It begins with asking inquiries. Dr. Geoffrey Hopkins said, “Ask them about what they miss the most, what they worry about, what they’d like to do when this is over to instill hope for their future are all good questions we can ask.”


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