Liver disease deaths spike among young Americans


Liver cirrhosis refers to a condition of scarring that occurs within the liver, and this happens when harmful toxins, like excessive consumption of calories and alcohol, tend to create severe stress on the liver, leading to the onset of inflammation, which gradually develops into scarring.

Liver cirrhosis is a serious ailment that can trigger certain potentially life-threatening challenges and complications, such as the accumulation of fluid within the stomach, the development of varicose veins, and the gradual spread of toxins towards the brain, leading to a condition referred to as liver coma. This disease can also increase the risk factors of suffering from liver cancer, which happens to one of the major causes of deaths induced by cancer.

This recent study examined the publicly accessible statistics made available in the Vital Statistics Cooperative US centres of Disease Control and Prevention. They obtained data from the years 1999 up to 2016. The researchers revealed that the age-adjusted mortality of cirrhosis tends to be 12.18 for every 100,000 patients. The mortality rates rose annually by 3.4% from the years 2008 to 2016. The researchers discovered that this increase in cirrhosis mortality were the largest in Arkansas, New Mexico, and Kentucky.

This study was conducted by comparing the state-wise changes in alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis mortality with their changes in alcohol use disorder. The results revealed that many of the states that experienced increased in the numbers of alcohol-induced cirrhosis deaths also had increased rates of alcohol use disorder, and vice versa. Since this study was largely observational, the researchers could not validate whether and how these trends were related to one another.

Moreover, along with being largely an observational researcher, Dr Tapper revealed that yet another limitation of this study occurred from its use of death records, which are documents that tend to be nearly 10% possibility of being fallacious and inaccurate.

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