How Much Protein Should You Eat For Weight Loss?


When some tries to lose weight, they eliminate sugar, carbs, and calories to shed as much weight as they can. And when it comes to shed those last stubborn pounds, we often skip out proteins. Weight loss is not a rocket science, you just have to be little careful about certain things and know what you eat.

If you are struggling to lose that muffin top than make sure you eat a lot of proteins. Because proteins and weight loss goes like bread and butter.

Food that contains high amount of proteins like meats, nuts, dairy products and beans, takes longer to digest by the body, metabolizes and then use as energy. Well this may look like bad but your body uses more calories to burn those protein calories and these foods makes you feel fuller for longer period of time. Then there are other foods that contains a lot of fat or carbs that gives you instant burst of energy but they lead to unavoidable mid-afternoon crash, we are all afraid off.

This article takes a look at optimal amounts of protein and how lifestyle factors like weight loss, muscle building and activity levels factor in. #proteinfoods #weightloss
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In order to lose fat weight, nutritionists believes that you should double up the amount of proteins you take. A study conducted among 32 men and 7 women for 31 days. They measured the effects of recommended daily amount of proteins, double from the recommended amount and then triple of the recommended amount of proteins.

And the results showed, that each group lost almost same amount of weight i.e. 3 pounds. But people who double up the protein intake lost more fat weight i.e. 70%, and the group who consumed three times more proteins lost 64% of fat and those who ate recommended amount of proteins lost 42% of fat as compared to other groups.

Protein Only Diet for Weight Loss

Fat loss helps the body in many different ways, which means we can maintain our weight and can grow lean muscles that boost metabolism and burns more calories.

So, it is confirmed that proteins are important for weight loss. Eating more proteins than recommended amount can reduce and tighten the waistline and help you shed more and more fat weight. All you should be doing is, if you are 150 pounds Havier, than multiply your weight with 0.36 and have 180 grams of proteins every day to lose excess amount of weight. Don’t forget to cut refined carbs and excess calories from your diet.


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