Natural Sleep Aids: 11 Home Cures for Insomnia


Insomnia is a very horrid and discomforting problem. It deprives you of a good night’s sleep, and causes a serious downfall of your health and vitality. You feel and work like a zombie, dying to sleep but unable to do so. And then you leap towards expensive drugs and sleeping aids infused with chemicals. Some even resort to recreational drugs, but do not despair, for like all our ailments and illnesses, nature has an answer for this one too.

Here are 11 best home remedies to cure Insomnia naturally.
Credit: Better Cure

Here are 11 amazing home remedies that can actually cure your insomnia and help you catch up on your beauty sleep!

1. Passionflower Tea

A recent study revealed that all you really need to improve your sleep quality and regulate your sleeping hours is a cup of freshly brewed passionflower tea. This tropical brew is extremely tasty, and a powerful herbal potion.

It is also recommended that you take a cup of chamomile tea, as it is infused with flavonoid apigenin, which calms the brain and relaxes it so you can fall asleep.

Drink passionflower tea

2. Valerian Tea

If you’re looking for the best organic cure for insomnia, valerian tea is just what you need. You can find valerian tea very easily in any pharmacy, organic store or from a professional herbalist. A nice hot cup of valerian tea will make you sleep quicker and deeper, helping you achieve a much more restful and satisfying slumber.

Valerian Drug

You can also consume this herb in the form of a tincture or a capsule. Scientific results have proved that valerian tea is an effective remedy for a deep sleep, and if your insomnia is occurring due to menopause, it can really help you improve your sleep quality, patterns and get rid of the awful sleeplessness.



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