New Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer’s Patients


For the first time trials are shown of the immunotherapy, a hope for those who have breast cancer, this therapy will help them to live longer e ven if they have an aggressive type of it. A research which was done by St Bartholomew’s Hospital with Queen Mary University of London and the research shows that by using immunotherapy and chemotherapy together the patient body’s immune system can be altered to attack triple-negative breast cancer and that can make possible to extend survival by up to 10 months.

In Munich, European Society for Medical Oncology gives a research which then published in the New England Journal of Medicine tells that combined treatment of immunotherapy and chemotherapy can help in reducing the death risks as well as the cancer progressing by up to 40 percent.

Mostly it is seen that Triple-negative breast cancer often affects young women and aged people who were diagnosed at the age of 50s and 40s. In the starting days after being diagnosed the patients quickly developed resistance to common therapy and this therapy is considered as the standard treatment. The latest treatment that is in practice is the medication of immunotherapy to be given one time in every two weeks and with the weekly chemotherapy.

There is new hope for people with an aggressive type of breast cancer, as an immunotherapy trial shows for the first time that lives can be extended in people with triple-negative breast cancer. #immunotherapy #breastcancer #immunotherapycancer
Credit: Better Cure

This works out when chemotherapy is used to ‘roughening up’ the surface of the cancer so that the immune system to recognize the cancer and to fight with it in a better way.

Professor Peter Schmid, Professor of Cancer Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and Clinical Director of the Breast Cancer Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, explained:

These results are a massive step forward. We are changing how triple-negative breast cancer is treated in proving for the first time that immune therapy has a substantial survival benefit. In a combined treatment approach, we are using chemotherapy to tear away the tumor’s ‘immune-protective cloak’ to expose it as well as enabling people’s own immune system to get at it.

Trip negative breast cancer is an aggressive form of breast cancer we have been looking for the better option from a very long time he added that it is particularly tragic that those who are diagnosed by this deadly disease at a very young age and many of them have their small families the Professor said that he is surprised that by using chemotherapy with the immunotherapy we are able to extend the life of the patients more then by using any other treatment and it is said that if cancer is spread to any of the other part of the body then the survival is after only 12 to 15 months.

The trail results of this treatment are currently under the study of different scientists and health authorities and hope fully this will be available in NHS in coming years. In St Bartholomew’s Hospital the patients of triple-negative breast cancer are offered immunotherapy within ongoing trials temporarily.


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