Should You Really Be Eating These 8 Superfoods?


There is a great of false hypes about certain superfoods and their abilities to fight off the symptoms of chronic ailments, such as cancer and diabetes, along with promoting weight loss, whitening teeth, brightening the skin and even extending the lifespan.

This is brings us to a very important question, do these superfoods truly possess such miraculous healing powers? We’ve researched 8 extremely popular superfoods and the supposed claims about their health benefits to help you understand the truth about their nutritional profiles.

Here, take a look:

1. Lemon Water

The popular belief is that consuming water with lemon aids digestion, speeds up the fat-burning process, prevents the emergence of kidney stones and promotes hydration. Truth be told, the effectiveness of lemon water is due to water not lemon. Even though lemon contains potent doses of vitamin C, it is water that is incredibly beneficial for the human body, and yet we do not consume it sufficiently.

Be sure to drink with loads of water each day, whether you chose to add lemons or not. While lemon may not be a superfood, it can provide you citric nutrients and enhance the flavour of the water.

If you find it difficult to consume 8 cups of water a day, adding a little bit of lemon can make the taste more refreshing and inviting for you.

Benefits of Drinking Lime Water



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