The 25 Best Foods for Instant Detox


Search the internet and you’ll find a whole range of ways to “cleanse” your body. This new fad has taken the world by storm and nearly every health freak has tried a variation of the master cleanse. It usually requires drinking and eating a variety of different items such as honey, salt water, vinegar and hot peppers. Most cleanses last a week and some only allow you to drink herb infused water.

Even though modern science has negated any therapeutic value of these procedures, yet nobody can refute the cleansing qualities of some of the fruits and vegetables that are freely available. Not only are they more appetizing but are also more filling (less hunger pangs).

Find out how to cleanse your body naturally and keep it healthy with these 25 detoxifying foods.
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Here we have compiled all those delicious foods that are naturally detoxifying and help in weight loss.

1. Bananas

No matter how many hours you put in the gym, bloating can take that all away within minutes. The answer for every beachbody enthusiast is a BANANA. Eating the fruit before every meal reduces belly bloating, thanks to its bloat fighting bacteria and its healthy dose of potassium.

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2. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is known to help lose all the water weight you’ve packed on by consuming high salt content foods. One common mistake that everyone makes is that we drink soups and similar drinks, thinking they’re just water and will help us lose weight. Instead these soups cause us to have a bloated belly because of their high salt content which cause water retention in the body.

Drinking hibiscus tea helps you lose all the extra weight you’ve gained from drinking or eating salty foods. Hibiscus tea contains flavonoids that alter the production of aldosterone- the hormone that controls salt and water removal from the body.

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  1. You don’t put any warning about the side effects of your “great” natural solutions. Melatonin can CAUSE high blood pressure. Valerian attached to same receptors as Valium and can be addictive. A person can be allergic to anything. Why does something work for something. Gracious is Cabogia the weightless wonder boosts seratonin & lowers cortisol. But if a person can’t genetically use the seratonin because they are short armed on the receptors they will end up with seratonin syndrome and that’s really counterproductive. If their adrenals are not functioning properly they are already too low and could end up in adrenal crisis.. Natural doesn’t mean harmless. People need to know that even foods & herbs & nutrients can have side effects.


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