The 9 Most Important Vitamins for Eye Health


8. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are an extremely powerful form of polyunsaturated falls, and the cell membranes of the retina are loaded with an incredibly high density of DHA, a particular kind of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids do not only aid in the formation of the eye cells, but they also potently powerful anti-inflammatory profiles that play a detrimental role in shielding the eyes against diabetic retinopathy (DR)

A recent study attempted to examine the benefits associated with the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids through oily fish by reviewing 31 different studies. The results revealed that diets that are high in fatty fish, for instance the traditional Mediterranean diet, contribute towards shielding the eyes from developing diabetic retinopathy.

Even though these results needed to be supplemented with further research and evidence, experts believe that since fatty fish packs up a rich density of omega-3 fatty acids, they are responsible for protecting the eyes.

Omega 3 Fish Oil for Eyes

Moreover, research reveals that the daily consumption of omega-3 fatty acids can also prove beneficial for patients suffering from the dry eye disease, by aiding them in the production of tears. People who suffer from this condition tend to experience a lack of tears, which leads to immense discomfort, dryness and occasional bouts of blurred vision.

You can add more omega-3 fatty acids to your daily diet by adding rich sources of these healthy fats, such as flaxseeds, nuts, fatty fish, chia seeds, and soy. You can also obtain omega-3s from cooking oils, such as olive oil and canola oil. They boost powerful anti-inflammatory profiles that will help you curb your risk factors for developing diabetic retinopathy and the dry eye disease.

9. Thiamine

Thiamine, more commonly known as vitamin B1, is extremely essential for maintaining healthy cell functioning, and aiding the body in the process of converting food to develop energy. Research reveals that thiamine is highly effective at eliminating the risk factors of developing cataracts.

An observational research attempted to examine the validity of these claims by observing the diets of 2900 people in Australia. The results revealed that a diet that is rich in thiamine aids in cutting down the risk factors of suffering from cataracts by an impressive 40%. The study further reveals that the daily consumption of niacin, protein, riboflavin, and vitamin A also aids in shielding the eyes against the symptoms of cataracts.

Moreover, thiamine has been highly recommended as an effective treatment to cure the early symptoms of DR. A clinical research reveals that consuming 100 mg dose of thiamine thrice a day can aid in reducing the amount of albumin present within the urine, which is basically a sign of DR amongst patients with type 2 diabetes.

You can obtain rich amounts of thiamine by adding whole grains, fish and meat to your daily diet. Moreover, thiamine is also added to certain fortified foods like, bread, pasta and breakfast cereals. Be sure to add thiamine-rich foods to your daily diet to curb your risk for cataracts, and if you want to treat DR symptoms, you can consult your doctor about taking a thiamine supplement.

Thiamine hcl Vitamin B1

Research reveals that there are various nutrients and vitamins that aid in reducing, preventing or slowing the symptoms of different kinds of eye ailments and conditions. If some of the above mentioned vitamins are missing from your daily diet, you can add them by adding various foods that containing them. If you don’t like certain foods, be sure to make up your deficiency for the vitamins they carry by consulting your doctor about suitable supplements.

However, it is important to remember that only a mindful, healthy and well-balanced diet that is rich in fresh fruits, green vegetables, protein, healthy fats and whole grains, can provide you with all vitamins and nutrients you need to protect your eyes, and strengthen your heart, mind and overall bodily health.



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