This Mom Lost Over 150 Pounds by Cutting Out 4 Foods


This mom has proven that surgical operation doesn’t always have to be the only way to bring about major weight loss transformation. Actually, the secret to garnering tremendous weight loss success is much more simple and easy.

Casey Gemmell completely turned her life around, and it all started from clicking one picture, and examining her body closely. This picture was clicked at the birthday party of her son, and soon after, a friend posted it up on Facebook. When Casey first saw this picture, she found it hard to believe it was really how she looked like. She thought perhaps it was taken from a really horrible angle, but soon after, another picture emerged on Facebook, which had an even worse angle.

For months, Casey kept anticipating and awaiting that one picture that would make her feel proud about her body, but the picture never came. Finally, Casey realised that unless she decided to do something about her 353 pounds of weight, the string of horrible pictures simply couldn’t end and no angle would be good enough to make her feel attractive and healthy.

Being able to click attractive pictures wasn’t the least of the struggles that her obesity had added to her life. Due to being so heavy, Casey found it extremely difficult to perform simple tasks, like changing her son’s diaper because her belly would get in the way. However, the photos emerging on Facebook made it evident that she needed to channel a major change in her lifestyle and eating habit before things get further out of hand.

It took Casey five years of mindful eating and steadfastness to lose of those awful pounds, and today, she has lost up to 155 pounds. It is mindblowing to see the pictures of her weight loss transformation, and her jaw-dropping achievements are inspiring millions of people across the world.

So, what is Casey’s weight loss secret? She created a daily ritual of exercise, and accompanied with her husband’s unwavering support, Casey believes that the true secret behind her successful weight loss journey was a simple change in her eating habits. Now, you can forget about strict and radical diet or eccentrically counting your calories. All Casey Gemmell had to do to lose weight was eliminate four foods from her daily diet: pasta, bread, soft drinks and cheese.

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🌟 Transformation Tuesday 🌟 at the moment I’m not allowed to work out due to fixing up my bursitis even though I snuck in a 4K beach brisk walk yesterday lol… I’ve come so far and sometimes I need to remind myself just how far.. I still some days look in the mirror and see the me on the left… But no I’m over 170 pounds smaller than her!!!! Bring on my skin surgery!!!!! #myweightlossstory #myweightlossjourney #obesetobeast #workinprogress #hourglass #thickthighssavelives #loseweightfeelgreat #beautybeyondsize #bodypositive #loveyourself #5krunner #healthy #gym #girlswholift #curvygirls #curvesaresexy #musclebuilding #bootybuilding #inspiration #motivation #cleaneating #badass #skinsurgery #looseskin #almostthere #15kilostogo #natural #nosurgery

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She begin to alter her eating patterns by simply eliminating these four particular kinds of foods and not much else. Since she was 33 years old when she started her weight loss journey, Casey found it more challenging to give up on some hard and strong eating habits. However, one simple, little change ended up making a tremendous difference to her body and life.

In a matter of time, Casey began regaining confidence in her body and performing tasks with more ease. Now, she could leave her car without having to roll sideways, nor did she need a seatbelt extender while flying on an airplane. The best part was, she could now enjoy a 5Km run without having to stop to catch her breath.

Now, Casey is left with just one more object that she has to achieve. Her tremendously dramatic weight loss transformation has left her without a lot of excess skin, and she needs a surgical treatment to remove this skin. Casey has created a GoFundMe profile to raise money for this operation.

Casey Gemmell and her amazing weight loss journey is an inspiration to all those fighting against obesity, and she advises others to stay motivated and continue motivating others. Once she is done sculpting her body according to her desires, Casey fully intends to help others like her who seek to transform their bodies and become healthier by becoming a constant source of motivation and inspiration.



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