Top 21 Superfoods for Diabetics


6. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is enriched with flavonoids that are helpful in reducing insulin resistance, dropping insulin levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and suppressing carvings.

According to a research study from University of Copenhagen (2008), it was found that individuals who consumed dark chocolate felt less hungry as compared to those individuals who ate white chocolates.

Flavonoids can also reduce stroke risk, heart attack risk and high blood pressure.

Best Dark Chocolate for You

7. Raspberries

Raspberries are high in fiber, Vitamin C, carbs and powerful antioxidants which are useful against diabetes.

These berries have low Glycemic Index GI and their antioxidants safeguard your body against free radical damage.

Raspberries for Diabetics

8. Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, antioxidants and fiber. You can easily find it in any local store.

Diabetics can add flaxseed in smoothies and shakes.

Fibre in Flaxseed


  1. As A Certified Chef, I know how to cook good tasting food, not always the most healthy. This info is going to help change the way I eat, and for those who are eating my food. Although professional training in culinary graces all types, origins etc.., including healthy, it doesn’t always lend towards best dietary choices ! Not where the money is among the most affluent !
    My new charge is coming with newer ideas, tasty ones !
    Thank you for reminding me of my responsibility ! They (affluent persons) can’t pay for expensive dinners if they’re dead !

  2. Kindly inform about my future plan, I am 60years male, Having Diabetic type -2 , taking Insulin NovoMix 30, FlexiPen 28 points morning before breakfast & 26 points at bed time before dinner.Also taking Tablet Galvesmet 50/1000 BD. Fasting suger is not in control some what high from upper limit that is 126,122, 135 and so on.needs your expert opinion.


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